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laser hair removal

Lightsheer Desire

Lightsheer Desire

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“Visited the skin doctor yesterday for the second time and brought my sister along for treatments. We are both so pleased with our results. Always professional and expert advice and made to feel at ease and comfortable. Looking forward to our next visit. Many thanks”

Clare - Leeds

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Permanently and painlessly remove hair

Using the Lightsheer Desire Laser System, laser hair removal sessions are up to 75% faster than the average removal system. The technology is fully customisable to your hair and skin type and your lifestyle with the use of two different handpieces. Using HIT and ChillTip technology, this is a comfortable and quick treatment for up to 80% hair reduction.

15 mins – 1 hour

Some people see instant results while others may have to wait a few weeks depending on the hair growth cycle.

Lumenis Light Sheer Desire hair removal is a quick and comfortable process with sessions lasting from 15 minutes for one area to a full body session in 60 minutes. Removing hair is quick and relatively pain-free. 6-8 sessions is recommended.

From £75.00

Laser Hair Removal

Treatment areas

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Bikini area

Your questions answered


The hair-removing laser sweeps over large areas of skin, gradually destroying the hair follicles and leaving the skin undamaged.

All we ask is that you shave the area on the day of your treatment, or 24 hours beforehand if that’s more convenient. Please avoid applying moisturiser to the area and remove deodorant if you are having your underarms treated.

A cooling gel is applied to the area, followed by the hair removal laser in slow sweeping motions across the skin. Hair removal treatment typically takes around ten minutes and all you will feel is a mild, warm sensation of pins and needles.

Some people see instant results while others may have to wait a few weeks depending on the hair growth cycle.

The number of laser hair removal treatments you require varies from person from person but we would typically advise six sessions. Occasionally clients may require a few more but we can assess this as you move through your treatment.

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