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Why you should begin laser hair removal in Autumn

The Telegraph newspaper reported that over two thirds of women are removing hair from their bodies. Are you one of these women? Male hair removal is also on the increase. If so, then you’ll probably be familiar with the common frustration of the frequency with which you have to shave in order to keep your skin smooth and hair-free, as well as the side effects of the hair removal techniques used.


Shaving is immediate, but even with care, can cause stubble rash or uneven skin. The effects of waxing lasts for longer, but there’s no getting away from the fact that the process is painful. Plus, something people will love to tell you is that once you start shaving or waxing, your hair, when it grows back will be thicker. This might not be true, but neither is it what you want to hear.


If only there were a hair removal method that was quick, pain-free and more or less permanent! Think of how much time you could spend doing other things, rather than shaving or waxing – There is! It’s  called laser hair removal and after a few sessions can significantly and permanently reduce hair regrowth by up to 80%. Getting rid of that remaining 20% for the rest of your life has got to be better than the amount with which you’re currently dealing.


Why it’s best to plan your laser hair treatment in advance


Laser hair removal involves a laser heating your hair follicles to a such a degree that they’re rendered unable to produce any more hairs. This is painless for you, although you may have a little redness in the area following treatment.


As your hair grows in cycles, not all of your hair follicles will be producing hair at the same time. The laser can only detect hairs that are in the active growing phase of their cycle, which is why more than one session is necessary. Catch as many hairs in their active growing phase as you can and you’ll have put a stop to the actions of each of the hair follicles producing them.


This is why Autumn is the ideal time to start laser hair removal treatment. The best time of year to have effortlessly smooth skin is during the warmer months, when more skin will potentially be on display. Get all of your hair removal sessions in over the winter months and by the time next Spring rolls around, your legs will be summer-ready.


How to plan for your hair removal treatment


There are many factors to consider when it comes to predicting how many sessions of laser hair removal you’ll need to be hair-free. The colour of your hair, how thick it is and how naturally hairy you are as a person all come into it, so for an accurate idea of how long your treatment will last and how many sessions you’ll need, please book yourself in for a consultation with our of our experienced advisors.


We’ll be able to give you an idea of the process, what you’ll experience during the treatment and the results you can expect. Please get in touch with us over the next month to treat yourself not just to one hair-free summer, but every summer thereafter!