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Skin Dr – The benefits of laser hair removal

With summer weather already upon us, it’s time for many of us to consider the most convenient way to keep our legs hair free. When it’s hot, the last thing many of us want to do is keep our legs covered because we haven’t shaved them, or because we have a rash from shaving them too frequently, perhaps even with the wrong kind of shaving lubricant.

Laser hair removal could be the most convenient method of getting rid of troublesome hairs. It involves a number of treatment sessions at our Leeds clinic, following which you can experience a hair regrowth rate reduction of up to 80%. This makes frequent hair removal far more manageable. With laser hair removal treatment in Leeds you can enjoy hair free skin for far longer and with none of the pain of waxing.

 How does laser hair removal work?

During your laser hair removal treatment, the hair follicles are heated using a handheld device. This will render them inactive and unable to produce further hairs. It only takes one laser session to put a hair follicle out of action, but the reason you need several sessions is because hair grows in cycles. The laser device can only target hairs that are in the active, growing phase of the cycle.

Once all your hair follicles have been treated, your hair regrowth will be significantly reduced, not just immediately following treatment, but for the foreseeable future too. The treatment feels a little like having rubber bands pinged at your skin. It’s uncomfortable for a short while but not painful.

Who can have laser hair removal and where on the body can be targeted?

Most people can have laser hair removal, but it may be more effective on particular hair and skin types over others. In order to find out the areas of the body that can be targeted, as well as how efficient we expect the treatment to be on you, please book yourself in for a consultation with us here at our Leeds practice. We’ll be able to give you an idea of how long the treatment time will be in your individual sessions, as well as the sort of results you can expect.

When you visit us initially we’ll also be able to advise you on how to prepare your skin ready for treatment. It will be more effective if you attend your appointment with longer hair in the target area.