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How to achieve a non-surgical nose job

Rhinoplasty is the 5th most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK and there are many reasons why people might want to alter the shape of their nose. Perhaps you were born with a birth defect, or you’ve always been unhappy with the nose you were dealt. Noses are also commonly altered through injury, particularly breakage, causing them to appear bent.

A nose job can restore symmetry to your face and enhance your looks. It can also correct breathing problems that are caused by an unshapely nose. If you’re interested in finding out more about how easy it is to change the shape of your nose in a non-invasive way, the team here at Skin Doctor can help.


Although we can’t make your nose any smaller, we can change the angle of it, reshape the tip and straighten the bridge. The best way to find out how we can positively enhance your nose is by visiting us for a consultation. Our practitioners work on an individual client basis and want to help you make the best of your appearance in a bespoke way.


What does the treatment involve?


Gone are the days when you had to be referred for surgery in order to alter your nose shape. These days you can gain a temporary solution with a non-invasive treatment. It’s safer, has fewer side effects and no down time. We use dermal fillers, which is hyaluronic acid injected into a target area of the nose to cause a transformation. You’ll have no stitches, no scarring and you won’t even have to wait for several months for the procedure. We’ll be able to fit you in within a matter of weeks, if not days.


The hyaluronic acid soaks up water under the skin, exerting a pressure from below to cause an increase in skin volume and a change of nose shape. You’ll have a local anaesthetic applied beforehand to ensure you’re comfortable and the whole treatment should be complete within 30 minutes. You’ll be able to see the results immediately.


The results of your non-surgical nose job


Your new nose shape will remain in place for up to 6 months, but this depends on what you have done, and the fillers used. When you speak to your practitioner during the consultation, you’ll gain a better idea of how long your specific nose job results will last. You’ll also discuss together how you want your nose to be altered and what realistically can be done. In this way, you’ll know exactly how your nose will look before you have the treatment itself.


We can help give you back your confidence in your looks by cosmetically altering your nose and making you more appear more attractive. We’ll do this in a professional, safe manner, drawing on our years of experience and extensive training. Within a few weeks, you could have rid yourself of your nose-based self consciousness and feel happier every time you look in the mirror. Please give us a call to book your initial consultation.