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Banishing tired eyes with tear trough fillers

There are two different types of tired eyes: those that go away after a good night’s sleep, and those that don’t. Dark circles and hollows beneath the eyes can occur temporarily, but when they’re a permanent part of our facial expression through natural biology then they can make us seem unnecessarily tired and unapproachable. The eye area has been traditionally a very sensitive area to treat because of how thin the skin is and the underlying structures and muscles. However, there is a way to treat these under-eye bags that can only be performed by advanced injectors – introducing tear trough filers!


Why do dark circles appear?

The skin beneath the eyes is thin regardless of the ageing process, though natural skin deterioration can lead to their development. The skin beneath the eyes is far thinner than anywhere else on your body, which allows it to rest slightly atop the bones and muscles beneath. This means that, without proper skin volume, the skin appears to ‘hug’ these bones and create hollows. The darkness is present because of the skin’s proximity to the underlying facial muscles and blood vessels. Lack of skin density and close proximity to these facial structures both combine to create dark circles and under-eye hollows that cause you to look tired. If makeup, eye creams, and topical products aren’t working, it might be time to discover tear trough fillers.


What are tear trough fillers?

Under-eye bags that are strictly a part of your facial anatomy are treated with advanced dermal filler techniques to refresh tired eyes. Targeted injections of dermal fillers are placed carefully in the tear trough to brighten and widen your eyes. The dermal filler sits beneath the skin to add volume to the area, creating more plumping between the dark muscles and the skin’s surface. This will not only lessen how apparent your dark circles are but will also ‘fill’ out the hollow that is causing your eyes to appear older and sunken. Adding greater substance between these two barriers will inevitably help open your eyes up because they’re creating great structure in your skin.


Is this treatment safe?

This treatment uses an advanced technique of injecting dermal fillers, so it should only be performed by qualified professionals. When performed my medically trained professionals such as the reputable staff at the Skin Doctor Clinics, this treatment is perfectly safe. In fact, dermal fillers as a material are safe for aesthetic use, too. They mimic a natural bodily substance known as hyaluronic acid, a sugar essential to skin volume, hydration, and laxity. Because dermal fillers replicate this natural substance, the body accepts their introduction with very minimal side effects. The filler is even naturally broken down and dissolved by the body over time with no complaints from your system, making tear trough fillers the ultimate victor over tired eyes.


Non-surgical eyelid correction

Another popular treatment for eye rejuvenation is the non-surgical blepharoplasty, otherwise known as non-surgical eyelid surgery. This treatment uses plasma technology that non-surgically tightens and contracts the skin, causing the fresh production of collagen and lifting sagging areas. It’s concentrated form of plasma energy comes in a nifty handheld device that is perfectly safe for use around the eye area. It essentially removes excessive eyelid skin and eye-bags that sag down on top of or under the eye, helping them to appear more open and awake. There is no cutting, no injections, and no stitches required – it is entirely non-invasive! Learn more about our non-surgical blepharoplasty to remove excess skin above your upper eyelid.


If it’s true what they, that the eyes are the window to the soul, then of course you don’t want your soul to appear tired and unapproachable. Enquire online about our tired eye treatments today!