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Why you should begin laser hair removal in Autumn

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The Telegraph newspaper reported that over two thirds of women are removing hair from their bodies. Are you one of these women? Male hair removal is also on the increase. If so, then you’ll probably be familiar with the common frustration of the frequency with which you have to shave in order to keep your… Continue reading >>

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How does the sun damage your skin?

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Everyone at some point in their life, or maybe even far too recently, has acquired a sunburn. Despite our best efforts, we’ve all been caught off guard by the rays of the sun and our shoulders or the bridge of our nose has paid the price. As common as this kind of sun damage is,… Continue reading >>

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FAQ on Dermal Fillers

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As we age, our skin naturally loses volume, develops wrinkles and can begin to sag. This is due to the body less efficiently producing collagen and hyaluronic acid. Dermal filler treatment is a highly effective and safely proven treatment to plump areas of the face and body, smoothening out wrinkles and reshaping your facial contours…. Continue reading >>

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How do skin peels work?

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Skin peels, or chemical peels, have been used for literally centuries. Even the Ancient Egyptians were partial to their rejuvenating and skin-levelling properties, and they have continued to be a popular treatment even now. Skin peels are available in many different concentrations and concoctions, with different components added to them to suit different skin types…. Continue reading >>

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Is a non-surgical facelift possible?

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Over 100 years ago in 1901 the first surgical facelift was reportedly performed. Jump forwards to 2018, and we’re sure you’ll find a far safer surgery than those carried out by the early facelift pioneers! However, modern facelift surgery can still be very taxing, expensive, and comes with a lot of complications and downtime. More… Continue reading >>

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Anti-wrinkle injections vs. dermal filler: what’s the difference?

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Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers have soared to popularity over the past few years. With their approval, appraisal, and medical safety, they are now used by trained clinicians and doctors worldwide to rejuvenate areas of the face. You’ve probably heard these terms used a lot, especially in conjunction with Botox, but you may have been… Continue reading >>

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Our new website is now live!

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We’re very excited to launch the new Skin Doctor Clinics website. The new, easy to navigate design will give both our new and existing patients a better insight into the services we offer, as well as our commitment to treating every patient as an individual.

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